Our Team

At Orkestra Communications, customer success means business harmony. Customers want to be heard, so we remove the noise and help you listen. Our passion for technology allows us to connect with your customers like never before. Meet our teams.



Our sales acquisition and retention teams drive high-value conversations to learn more about your business. Acquiring the knowledge about your organization enables us to deliver solutions not questions.



Our customer centric manage team focuses on phenomenal service delivery while ensuring customer adoption of all new technologies. No noise, just harmony.


Ongoing support means total freedom. Our customer service team handles all tasks so you don’t have to. We want to transform you into customers for life.

Orkestra Wireless Order Manager

Mobility is a dynamic on-demand technology that requires no introduction. Most IT will confirm having the access to moving, adding or changing plans and services gives them valuable time back to their day. With Orkestra, we have full access to AT&T wireless systems to manage your business account. Whether you need to ship a device to a remote user or change the rate plan for a travelling executive, Orkestra has you covered.

Orkestra Dedicated Wireline Project Manager

Each and every single project will be managed end-to-end by a dedicated Orkestra Maestro. From contract generation to circuit turn-up, we will be with you every step of the way. Our customers agree that having Orkestra support during projects enables them to hear the sound, not the noise.

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